Our Expectations / Culture

Being Loving Kindness

York Hospital employees are committed to living this vision through the following values and behaviors

Our Mission

We are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients and their families. All our efforts must be thoughtful, kind and loving. We are dedicated to creating and nurturing a fabric of compassionate relationships among physicians, care givers, patients and families to offer sensitive, understandable, high-quality medical care experiences.

We recognize our responsibility to serve all in our community as they are the ultimate judge of how well we listen, respond and care.

Our Vision of Loving-Kindness

With loving-kindness, we devote ourselves to others. We respectfully care for each individual without imposing our judgments. We offer love, empathy, understanding and nurturing. We are grateful for the privilege of helping others. In loving-kindness we are determined to:

  • Embrace others with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • Listen, love and laugh with our hearts.
  • Honor the privilege of being present in others life journeys.
  • Give unselfishly.
  • Smile, touch and embrace warmly.
  • Be kind, honest and genuine.
  • Show thankfulness and appreciation to others.
  • Make opportunities to create joy and happiness.