York Hospital New Graduate RN Residency Program

Start Date: February 13, 2022
Application Deadline: January 14, 2022

Transitioning from nursing student to professional nurse can be a challenging experience. York Hospital is pleased to offer a three-month New Graduate RN Residency Program, beginning February 13, 2022, to help ease your transition into clinical practice. You’ll work with experienced preceptors and clinical educators, along with supportive leaders who will help you enhance your critical thinking, evidence-based decision-making, communication and hands-on clinical skills.

Key Residency Program Components

You will be paired with preceptors who will share their knowledge, benchmark progress and communicate with your nursing director on action plans for your successful completion of the program.

Shared Peer Experience:
Time will be scheduled for sharing insights and growth opportunities with your three program partners. Wide-ranging topics of discussion may include delegation, nursing practice standards, ethics and patient-centered care.

Online Education and Classroom Exercises:
Both online and live classroom settings will be used to develop critical thinking skills and allow for Q&A with educators.

Clinical Connections:
You will connect with various care areas within York Hospital. Building new relationships and communicating across disciplines will provide opportunities to enhance your patient experiences and care outcomes.

Content Experts:
Frontline nurses, therapists and clinical leaders will review protocols identified in hospital policies to identify critical assessment, intervention and monitoring components vital for safe patient care.

Simulation and Skill Development:
Simulation is important for developing skills and assessment techniques. You will have time to practice, ask questions and participate in scenarios with a patient simulator to prepare for specialized care within unique patient populations.

Mentor Program:
After your orientation period, you will be able to choose a mentor to serve as an additional resource on your unit. Your mentor will also check in with you regarding your work/life balance and how you are integrating to the unit and the hospital. S/he can help with professional development goals and education.

Join the York Hospital team and let our mission of Loving Kindness light the way to a rewarding nursing career.

Please contact Jan Moore, Caregiver Experiences, at 207-351-2420 for more information.

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New Grad Nurse Residency Program

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Why Choose York Hospital?

Getting to know this year’s Nurse Residency Program Graduates, in their own words:

Other hospitals offered new grad programs as well, but York’s has smaller, more personalized cohorts, which works best for my learning style. It speaks to York Hospital’s solid support systems and tight-knit community of caregivers. Now, having begun the preceptorship already, I know I made the right choice.
Anna C., RN, York Hospital
I was told that a lot of nursing school graduates leave the profession after their first six months, because full immersion into the real world hospital situations can be very overwhelming. Here at York Hospital, this new graduate nursing program takes that feeling away, and replaces it with support and kindness from veteran experienced nurses who want you to succeed. It definitely works.
Leo H., RN, York Hospital
Working with the nurses here previously as a CT Tech, I had first-hand experience about how knowledgeable and nurturing the nursing staff was a good place to launch my career!
Morgan V., RN, York Hospital